Havanese PuppiesIt has been said that the recent ancestors of the Havanese could include the Maltese and the Tenerife Bichon, from the Canary Islands. The breed was subsequently taken to Cuba. The Cubans are credited with developing the Havanese as a unique and separate breed. The breed was admitted to the AKC Toy Group in 1999. The Havanese is an affectionate, happy dog, congenial and easy to live with. They tend to be a bit submissive and don't require strong corrections. They love to be around people and are natural clowns. They do cute things to make their owners laugh. The Havanese is a sturdy, short-legged, small dog, with an ideal height of 9 to 10 inches. Weights range from 9 to 13 pounds, with a silky non-shedding coat that is either straight or wavy usually come white, cream, tan and a wide range of parti-colors. They are child loving and generally social with people and other pets.

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