WHEN CAREFULLY BRED, "DESIGNER BREEDS" can make spectacular pets. A great amount of care must go into the selection of the prospective parents. If you just put any two dogs together you run the risk of ending up with the worst traits of both breeds.

I am very specific about genetics and temperament when considering which dogs I will use to create my Hybrids. You will notice I didn't say which breeds, but precisely which dogs. The dogs must complement each other in size, coat and most important temperament.

They should be selected with a specific goal in mind, it is important to produce an improvement, not just a mix.

My aim is to create a genetically healthy and temperamentally sound cross. I  match outstanding examples of each breed in an effort to enhance the positive qualities of the individual and minimize the inherent genetic defects and negative traits. I base my conclusions as to the success of a particular cross on my evaluation of the offspring and more so on positive feedback from my clients. In cases where the reports are all good I will repeat that breeding the next year, secure in the fact that these parents produced exceptionally good quality puppies.



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