Bichon PuppiesI have been breeding Bichon Frise since 1982. My Bichons are elegant, but in addition to their beauty, they are the sweetest and most loving of dogs. Bichons are non-shedding, odorless and are promoted to be the most non-allergic dog for people with allergies. This makes them an ideal inside housedog. I have discovered over the years that most people do not want a dog to show. They want the quality and look of a show dog; but what they really want is the perfect pet for their family. Based on this information, I carefully select my breeding stock not only for beauty, but for personality and temperament as well. I want bright, healthy, and highly trainable dogs with heavy coats, clean eyes, and correct confirmation. They must be very tolerant to put up with the constant loving of children, and at the same time they must be calm when around older people and like to sit quietly and just keep you company. My average adult size is small, about 10-12 pounds, with smaller sizes (8-9 pounds) sometimes available. My Bichon Frise puppies are sturdy, healthy, playful and extremely LOVING. The perfect companion for adults and children of all ages.

I have adorable Bichon puppies ready to go now from $1,595





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