YorkiesYorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) are very small dogs. My full-grown adults are typically only 4-7 pounds, and I sometimes have the tiny size with the "Babydoll" face. Originally bred in England as ratters for the Nobility, Yorkies are high-energy dogs with great courage and confidence. It is not uncommon for a Yorkie to challenge another dog many times its size. Their loving attitude and clownish antics have made the Yorkshire Terrier a favorite among toy dogs. Because of their size, Yorkie puppies are not always suitable for young children, but their size makes them ideal for condos and apartments. My Yorkies' bloodlines are excellent and temperament is extremely important to me! My dogs are not nervous, high-strung or yappy. Their coats are thick and silky, not oily or course, with their ears small and erect. These cuties can brighten up anyone's day!


I have precious Yorkie puppies ready to go now from $1,275








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